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WoW Botting Simplified

Gold Done For You… Leveling Done For You…
PvP Done For You… Professions Done For you…
Plus more with the push of a button!

All in One Botting Experience

Gold Farming, Leveling, PvP & More

WoW Botting Redefined

Peace of Mind

Run up to 5 sessions to make a lucrative income with your intended automation. With included warden detection you can have the botting experience you’ve been looking for without the risk.

About Our WoW Bot

Get Everything You Need 

Botting a decade ago is much different in WoW than it is today, with included LUA framework and software to run along side you don’t have to go to multiple sources to find scripts. We make sure you’re set from the start with a 100% client satisfaction.

Multiple Botting Sessions

Run as many wow botting sessions as your hardware can handle our framework and software specializes in providing an immaculate experience.

All the features you need

From auto grinding, farming, to auto leveling from 1 to level cap you have an arsenal of features to utilize to maximize your automation.

Intricate Auto Reply Features

From auto replying to anti afk there’s no way you’ll be suspected of automating gameplay or raise any red flags to surrounding players.

AIO Software & LUA Framework

We provide you with all the tools you need to automate game play for leveling, farming or pvp. We provide you with access to the scripts and framework.

For Everyone

Built For Bot Farmers, Casual Players, and Competitive PvPers

Whether you’re farming for the lucrative profits or just a casual leveler that wants to skip the tedious leveling process due to a busy schedule to the PvPers wanting to keep their rank while at work we accomodate all players.

Always Online

Fully Customizable

Top Tier Tech Support

Multi Script Support

Warden Protection

Premade Profiles

Fully documented FAQ

Proven Results

Putting your WoW Gameplay on Autopilot

The most affordable botting platform with an extensive library of premade scripts make us one of the best options to make your automation provide you with superior results than you’d ever expect with a bot. No longer are the days of worrying about bans or being reported. 100% Client Satisfaction or your money back.