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About WoW Bot

Why this World of Warcraft Bot is right for you

Simple and Easy settings for all classes.
Levels 1 to 85 premade pathing with thousands more in the private wow bot forums.
Vendors and Repairs automatically when at low or red durability.
Sells & Buys at selected Vendors – Restocks Ammo/Food/Water Automatically.
Loots, Gathers Ore & Herbs, Skins.
Supports Flying & Land Mounts.
Mails gold and items to Bank Alts.
Unique Alarms on in game action Events.

Gold Farming with a WoW Bot

Gold I made while being AFK!

Our World of Warcraft Bot is perfectly customized for farming for days on end.

With features like automatic sellings, repairing, buying, and mailing, this is a true AFK WoW Bot, that can potentially run for days or weeks on end, making you thousands of gold every day.

Regardless of your botting expertise, this WoW Bot has only been getting better and better. Simply setup the bot, import a WoW Bot path from the WoW Botting forums, access the bot and start. With it’s many built in features you can be assured when you check the next morning after a long sleep it will still be running!