Automatic Profession farming in Official WoW Classic servers with our wow bot is very simple. With preset profiles or creating your own which is very simple you can have a 1 to 60 experience with the benefits of your professions being leveled up with you from zone to zone, or if you are just farming reagents and materials to resell on the auction house it will make you more gold than you know what to do for. Quit wasting money on gold as the gold buyers are aware of botting software that they are farming gold with bot farms to obtain the gold that they resell to you at an inflated price. It’s very easy to put your automation for gold farming or leveling and many more features included in our bot. While we don’t support private servers we are looking forward to supporting the Official TBC servers when they’re released. So while we have future plans for any future expansions we are staying on top of any updates as well as constantly updating our software to give you the most features to perfect your botting experience. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to sign up and ask or refer to our FAQ. We have a very simple setup guide for startup for new users to our software. You’ll find the user interface the most intuitive of it’s kind and is currently the most user friendly available. We take pride in these accomplishments and look forward to stay as the most preferred option in warcraft botting.