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Current Status Undetectable: Windows & MacOS compatible. The WoW Bots featured on our network for Official Retail DF, Classic, Hardcore, SoD and WOTLK. Choices between LUA Unlocker or regular memory reading pixel based automation. Now available on Safe Escrow Marketplaces for secure transacting.

As avid players ourselves, we understand the struggles that come with balancing real life responsibilities and the desire to progress your characters in WoW Classic. With our botting solution, you can easily level up your character from 1 to 60 with the simple push of a button. Not only that, but our software also makes farming gold a breeze – you can set it up to automatically farm gold for you while you attend to other tasks, such as work or school.

But our botting solution doesn’t just stop at leveling and gold farming. We’ve also included features such as auto questing and auto mailing, allowing you to easily send off items, reagents, and gold to a specified character without any hassle. And unlike other botting software that is often poorly supported, our team of experienced bot developers is dedicated to maintaining software updates for the foreseeable future.

And with the highly anticipated release of TBC Official servers on the horizon, we’re excited to continue supporting our users with top tier botting software. After all, not everyone has the time to keep up with other players who spend hours upon hours farming gold and leveling by hand. With our botting solution, you can sit back and relax knowing that your characters are being automated with the best software available. So why wait? Try our botting solution today and see for yourself how easy it can be to progress your characters in WoW Classic!

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With over 13 years of botting WoW we provide access to all the top wow bots and information for them as well as the lowest price available so you do not get gouged by resellers.

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