Botting on official Wow Classic servers has never been easier as it is today simply put our software makes setup very easy for all classes and both factions for any level. From 1 to 60 leveling is simple as pushing a button, or farming gold you can have this automated very easily as well with our botting solution. With auto questing to auto farming and mailing off gold, items, and reagents to a specified character makes your gaming that much more enriched with features not found in other botting software that is usually crudely supported. Our staff of bot developers maintain software updates for the foreseeable feature and with high hopes of TBC Official servers, we’re prepared to support this release as well as nostalgic as these are not everyone has the time to keep up with other players with day to day tasks that involve heavy amounts of time being spent to farm gold or level as long as it takes, most fast levelers by hand can achieve 1 to 6 in a week played time. Our software removes the need for human interaction once it’s setup and you can attend to real life tasks while knowing your characters are being automated with top tier botting software.