Marking the 1 year chapter of WoW Classic, in November 9th of 2013 at blizzcon the mists of pandaria leading many players away and warlords of draenor soon following bringing more orcs and the steep decline of players. While these players were told “You think you do, but you don’t” to a classic version of World of Warcraft, we are now at a year since classic release on official servers. With that said we are glad to be on top of botting classic and soon to be automating gameplay in the latest Live WoW expansion (while not as lucrative due to the in game purchases making botting irrelevant) and the hopeful announcement of a BC server. We plan on supporting all live versions of wow released and with that said we have increased our price to not only reflect the value our software provides but also to maintain some exclusivity as you will not find a LUA unlocker & a bot better than ours available, this is not an opinion it’s simply a fact. We are proud to be able to provide you with these ongoing updates and become a member today to access our members area’s links including discord along with downloads & tutorials.