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baneto wow bot

WoW Baneto Bot

Baneto Bot is a very intriguing WoW Bot because it is compatible with both Dragonflight & Wrath of the Lich King Expansions that also includes many advanced rotations that are fully customizable and a plethora of pre made profiles to choose from.

Automate All Tasks in WoW

Baneto bot lets you auto farm with gathering or fishing, leveling with questing and grinding, as well as PvP in battlegrounds all done for you.
Anything that needs to be handled in WoW, Baneto can take care of it!


Advanced WoW NavMesh

Never Miss a Loot Drop customize all looting

Healing with Baneto is Easy with Noro Rotations

Noro WoW Rotation Bot Addon is Included with Baneto

Gathering, Professions, all done for you.

Dungeon Reaper WoW Bot Instance Farming

With many people knowing how fast leveling can be via instances especially with the release of Dragonflight and WOTLK and farming them can be a gold mine too as well as fast xp, Baneto features Dungeon farming profiles more advanced than ever.

All WOW PvP & PvE Functions

Automate your battlegrounds with advanced bg que feature and combat routines using the noro rotations allows you to make WoW PVP Rotations or PVE Rotations for when doing Raids and leveling.

Easy Setup with LUA Unlocker

Baneto is so advanced it uses a LUA unlocker to access and function wtihin the game now compatible with popular lua unlockers like the CD LUA Unlocker launcher for both windows & macOS options.

Pre Set Profiles ready to use

Use premade profiles that you can use to save time from creating your own but check out the baneto tutorials if you want to see how easy it is to create your own profiles, or download premade ones to use.

Easy Setup And Fully Customizable

WoW Rotations for Healing, PVP, Raids and more all done for you. Choose from many presets that are custom made from the community, or make your own as well as profiles for farming, gathering, leveling and questing all done for you.

Custom WoW Bot Interface

The WoW Bot Interface that the Baneto bot uses is in game like an addon making it very accessible and eaasy to use.

Many WoW Bot Features

Ready for Dragonflight World of Warcraft Bots like Baneto are also way ahead being ready for Wrath of the Lich King so it’s a prime and ready WOTLK Bot with many features.
The Baneto Bot being one of our favorite personal bots we will also review some of the other available wow bots that are also safe.

WoW Baneto Bot FAQ

What is Baneto Bot compatible with which expansion?

Dragonflight, WOTLK and all Classic HC & SoD questing Bot ready as well.

Why use Baneto WoW Bot?

You will find it to be one of the best priced bots for the amount of easy to use features it has.
Many WoW Bots are very complicated to setup and do not perform as well or are not as safe.

What is the most advanced Dragonflight WOW Bot? What about WOTLK Bots?

Seriously the latest expansion for WOW is released and its taking flight! 

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