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Current Status Undetectable: Windows & MacOS compatible. The WoW Bots featured on our network for Official Retail DF, Classic, Hardcore, SoD and WOTLK. Choices between LUA Unlocker or regular memory reading pixel based automation. Now available on Safe Escrow Marketplaces for secure transacting.

WoW Bot Features for Dragonflight & Classic, Hardcore, Season of Discovery & WOTLK

With a wide selection of WOW Bots we assure the top automation features from Questing done for you, PvP Done for you, Gold done For you, and Gathering all done for you. Whether you’re playing on Classic WOTLK or Dragonflight we have the most advanced options.

WoW Bot Farming

WoW Bot Auto Gathering Loot


WoW Bot Auto Travel and Training

WoW Rotations Bot for Spells Routines

Auto Healing Self and Team for Raids

WoW Bot Farming, Gathering, Questing Leveling all Done For You

Our WoW Bots have a wide selection of choices to automate your gaming as you see fit, whether for simple assistance or advanced automation for full AFK farming and runs in the background due to it's capability of being able to run as many your pc can handle.

WoW Gathering Loot Botting

Never miss any drops with our wow bot or even our d2r bot has a built in pickit, you will find our network of bots will have the solution you need to get the job done.

WoW Bot PvP vs PvE

Automate PvP or PvE rotations while botting with any wow bot, you will find many different rotations available geared towards their specific focus whether it's arena or pvp battlegrounds or raids for tanking and healing.

Full Navigation Mesh for Automated WoW Questing Bot

With popular nav mesh that connects your character to the whole map and navigate with ease from quest to quest, wow bots have never been more advanced than they are today. With many options to choose from XYZ Coordinates or also range included in pathing.

WoW Rotations Bot for Both Ranged and Melee

Never miss a kick or silence when CC'ing in combat, our wow rotations bots can make you the top dog in arenas or raids making sure your cast sequences are always flawless.

WoW Healing Rotations Bots

Whether healing self or your team, topping raid charts for most healed is easy as well – pushing a button for you with the smart healing profiles your raid team will thank you.

WoW Bots ready for Windows & MacOS players, unlock LUA functionality or use advanced pixel detection features.

With the widest selection of bots and this includes extra security from warden if using Windows 10 or MacOS also of course options compatible with Win11. You can also stream from the cloud any thing you need if you lack correct OS to do so.
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The WoW Bot Network

With over 13 years of botting WoW we provide access to all the top wow bots and information for them as well as the lowest price available so you do not get gouged by resellers.

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