Farming in World of Warcraft has been very commonplace, be it having multiple accounts apart from your default account that are constantly farming in the background or on a separate machine you can acquire a lot of gold with our bot’s farming features. Many people waste money buying gold, while they don’t know the gold is farmed by botters and therefore sold. Back in June we knew of the announcement of roughly 76,000 accounts suspended due to botting and we realize that there is people running bot farms that could’ve caused their own demise by using outdated software. While it’s not clear where the majority were banned some rumor it to be russian bot farmers, we can see this being very plausible and while farming is a requirement in Classic WoW to excel and actually have an advantage or keep your guild on top against other guilds with raid clearing. Peace of mind comes with our software not only having one of the best GUI (graphic user interfaces) that is preferred but also that we keep an eye on active sessions and changes to warden. Farming bots haven’t been this advance in WoW BFA or Classic WoW even in the past decade of software available dating back to DLL injections and intrusive memory reading. We don’t divulge too much information publicly to keep our users safe but you’ll be very satisfied the precautions we take to assure our users longevity in their botting. No more worries acquiring an epic mount or controlling your server’s AH pricing on materials and reagents. We know a majority of our users need farming bots for WoW Classic and we have filled that need with not only the most efficient pre-made profiles that yield the most gold per hour but also with security measures in place that make sure you don’t get reported by others players or banned.