Current Status Undetectable: Windows & MacOS compatible. The WoW Bots featured on our network for Official Retail DF, Classic, Hardcore, SoD and WOTLK. Choices between LUA Unlocker or regular memory reading pixel based automation. Now available on Safe Escrow Marketplaces for secure transacting.

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Pixel based Hybrid WoW Bots

Owl Bot is a simple to use Pixel WoW Bot for Classic that allows you to grind and skin. Pixel Master is a Hybrid Pixel WoW Bot that allows you to automate questing, rotations, and much more for WoW Classic and Wrath of the Lich King.


Owl wow bot with wow fish bot, the original wow fishing pixel bot that has remain undetected are both made by the Owl Bot developer. Owl WoW Bot utilizes a popular addon called Weakauras2 to be able to interact with the Classic expansion and grind and skin its way from 1 to level cap. It also can automate combat routines for casual grinding.

Pixel Master being the new hybrid wow bot and one of a kind that is actually capable of questing along with rotations and flying mount utilization to gather for Classic WOTLK. If you are wanting a more advanced option then you will want the Pixel Master though the price being triple the cost does not give access to All in One Launcher that Owl Bot would provide access to WoW Fish and many more tools.

Rotations done for you

PvP/PvE Rotations for all classes for WoW Classic Hardcore, Season of Discovery and WOTLK.

Leveling done for you

Automate questing with pixel master or grinding to achieve the fastest leveling speeds comparable to power levelers.

Gold done for you

Easy gold farming all done for you that can make you thousands per month if you follow the popular RMT guide.

Professions done for you

Gathering with flying mount capabilities makes this an easy way to progress any profession.

WoW Bot Bundles

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Advanced WoW Bots

Farming, Questing and Leveling, PvP and Battlegrounds and much more!

WOTLK Classic Compatible and ready to Discover Pixel Master this Season!

Classic Hardcore, WOTLK and SoD  Compatible WoW Bots easy to setup, check out the pixel master wow bot video above.

Leveling via Questing and Grinding

Advanced Pixel based and hybrid wow bots for questing, rotations, farming and gathering all done for you with the push of a button.

Easy Setup with a Simple Addon

Whether you’re using Owl bot, wow fish or Pixel master, you will find that it is simple to setup and easy to follow.

Premade Profiles for all occasions

Pre-set profiles included with Owl bot, and many questing profiles for pixel master available in the market.

Fully Undetected (FUD) with advanced encryption

With some of the best in security you’d be surprised how far we go to ensure account security to avoid suspensions.

Instant Pixel WoW Bot Access

Easy to setup UI/UX with instant access to wow pixel bots.

WoW Pixel Hybrid WoW Bots

Classic Compatible for Hardcore, Vanilla Season of Discovery, WOTLK and to get a retail dragonflight questing bot simply go to the baneto page.

Once again for a retail wow bot you will want to use the Baneto WoW Bot with the LUA Unlocker bundle deal.

WoW Hybrid Pixel Bots

What is Owl Bot?

Classic Grinding Bot

What is Pixel Master?

Classic and WOTLK Questing, Rotations, Gathering and much more.

More to be found out just try it already by signing up.

What Classic Season of Discovery WoW Bot Works?

Seriously the latest expansion for WOW is released so discover it with the owl or many other wow bots in our network of safe choices.

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