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If you are tired of wasting hours doing things in World of Warcraft that waste hours of your time, then wow bots are just for you.

WoW Bots are used to automate game play in wow, so that you can do things in your day that are more important than doing stuff in WoW that you don’t even enjoy. Thousands of people currently use wow bots to help them get boring tasks done in the game and many have been botting for years.

One of the most popular bots for wow was called wow glider. This bot was creating in the United States and blizzard ending up suing them and ending updates for the bot for ever. Luckily we still have the WoW Baneto bot!

WoW Baneto

The only bot left on the market is the wow baneto bot. This is because it is made in an undiclosed location where blizzard where never be able to get to them. This bot is constantly updated with every new wow classic patch. This has unlimited support in the forums, so don’t worry about not being able to set it up correctly!

Features of the WoW Baneto Bot

The baneto bot is known for many awesome features that save loads of time in WoW. The bot can automate grinding, gold farming, gathering herbs and ore, fishing, leveling alts, pvp and battlegrounds and much more. This bot has been around the longest, so people find it to be the most updated and best bot available.

Gathering Herbs and Ore

When using our bot to gather herbs and ore, the program will use your character to fly around a specific area in world of warcraft and gather any herbs and ore that it may come across. This is great for botting because when you are flying you aren’t seen as much by other players and keeps your account safe from any players reporting you for grinding the same spots for hours on end. You can make thousands of gold a day by using the bot to gather herbs and ore.

Account safety

Don’t worry about ever getting banned with the WoW Baneto Bot. Our bot is constantly updated to stay ahead of blizzard and prevent them from detecting that your account is using a bot. Not only that, but open a support ticket if you are interested in our offer on fast VPN software just in case you worry about getting banned running multiple sessions. Whenever you decide you want to bot your character, simply turn on the VPN and set up the bot. If your account is to ever get banned, you can simply email them saying you got hacked and they will reactivate your account for you. Don’t fall for services that charge money for such a simple solution.

Bot Pricing

The WoW Baneto bot currently offers an instant trial access and This way you can test the bot out and see if you want to keep using it.