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World of warcraft botting today has changed heavily in the last few expansions and with these changes come security and automation simplified to get your tasks in BFA or Classic Vanilla official servers set on autopilot. 1-60 in a push of a button hasn’t been available since back in original vanilla wow utilizing software such as innerspace. With WoW baneto simple user interface makes this easier than ever and makes it one of the best options for botting in WoW available to the public.Be it farming for gold, pvp in battlegrounds, or automating your leveling from 1 all the way to 60 with a push of a button. Not only does it spec your talents properly but also has features to mail to a set character name if you have a specific character to manage your auction house listings and this makes that much easier to maintain leverage in your servers auction house. All professions and classes are supported with special features such as going stealth when nearby players are present so you can avoid combat and any suspicion from other players about your botting making it a very sought out feature not included in other bots on the market.